General Provision of Membership

While using the Commerce Occupational Health Organization (COHO) Fitness Center, all COHO members and day pass users (collectively “users”) must abide by the COHO Rules and Regulations.  The Rules and Regulations require that users behave in a manner consistent with maintaining the rights of others, the state of the facilities and the equipment, and must comply with all conduct requirements applicable to Federal employees. Any violation of the COHO Rules and Regulations is subject to appropriate action, including immediate expulsion from the Fitness Center at the discretion of onsite Fitness Center Team and/or revocation or suspension of COHO membership upon a majority vote of the COHO Board of Directors.  The COHO Fitness Center is an extension of the workplace and members may not behave in a manner that would be unacceptable or inappropriate in an office setting.  All members are encouraged to report any improper use or conduct to the onsite Fitness Center Team.

Department of Commerce employees, Federal employees, as well as interns, temporary (or detailed) employees and contractors employed by the Department of Commerce or one of its bureaus are eligible for membership.

Upon entering the Fitness Center, each member is required to log in on the computer.  Day pass users must check in with a Fitness Center Team member at each visit.

Every new user is advised to have a fitness assessment and consultation conducted by the Fitness Center Team before using the Fitness Center. The purpose of the fitness assessment is to determine a baseline fitness level for each user before participation in the Fitness Center and to provide an exercise plan tailored to the user’s needs.  A user may update his or her fitness assessment every six months.

Users are required to complete a health history questionnaire.  If a user has one or more health conditions that indicate he or she is at moderate or high risk for coronary heart disease, the Fitness Center Team will recommend that the member see a physician for a complete physical examination before making use of the Fitness Center.  All users, especially those with pre-existing medical conditions or physical limitations, are strongly encouraged to obtain a physician’s medical clearance before using the Fitness Center or attending classes. 

The Fitness Center Team is present on-site to ensure the safe use of all equipment.  The Fitness Center Team is the final arbiter of what constitutes safe use of the Fitness Center and its equipment.  Users must comply with any safety-related requests made by the Fitness Center Team. 

While using the fitness center users must wear appropriate attire.  Such attire may include shorts, tank tops, warm-up suits, sweatpants, or tights. Closed-toed athletic shoes must be worn unless otherwise specifically allowed by Fitness Center Team or an instructor, such as in yoga class. The COHO Fitness Center Team reserves the right to immediately expel or deny admission to anyone wearing inappropriate attire, including clothing with offensive wording or logos.  The decision as to whether any particular attire or lack thereof is inappropriate rests exclusively with the COHO Fitness Center Team.

Fitness Center equipment must be used in a safe and proper manner at all times.  Please consult a Fitness Center staff member if you have any questions about use of equipment. Fitness Center equipment may be used only inside the Fitness Center, and members may not remove any equipment from the Fitness Center. Equipment should be returned to its proper storage location or placed in its pre-workout condition (e.g., remove and re-rack weights) after use.
Members should understand and acknowledge that equipment may occasionally be out of order.  Equipment may be unavailable for several weeks if parts need to be ordered. Any equipment in need of maintenance may be removed from the floor to be repaired as quickly as possible.  Report broken or malfunctioning equipment immediately to the Fitness Center staff.
Paper towels and spray bottles of cleaning solution are provided in the Fitness Center for wiping down equipment after use. Please be considerate and leave the equipment you use clean, not sweaty.

Group exercise class schedules are established by the Fitness Center Team with the approval of the COHO Board of Directors.  User interest and demand is a key factor in establishing group exercise class schedules. Class capacity is limited, and it is established on a first-come, first-served basis. Classes with fewer than two users will be canceled.  Scheduled classes have priority use of the group exercise floor. Prior approval must be obtained from the Fitness Center Team to conduct independent exercise sessions involving five participants or more. The Fitness Center Team reserves the right to change the exercise schedule at any time. Class size will be based on the type of class being offered. Users arriving more than 5 minutes after class begins will not be admitted.  Late arriving members are disruptive to the class and risk injuring themselves due to an inadequate opportunity to warm up.  Additionally--
1. Do not enter the group exercise room until the preceding class has ended.
2. Follow all instructions provided by the instructor, including proper form and technique and use of equipment. 
3. Limit talking during classes to comments and questions relevant to the class and the instruction. 
4. The instructor may require a user to leave the class if, in the instructor’s opinion, the user’s conduct or language undermines or inhibits the instructor’s ability to lead the class.
5.  If you choose not to follow the routine of the instructor, please move to the back of the room so as not to distract the instructor and those participants who are following the routine.
6. Classes will be 45 minutes in length, unless otherwise noted, allowing time to return all equipment to its properly designated place and allowing the next class to start on time.
7.  Participants are responsible for wiping down their equipment after class.
8. Cycling Group Classes Require Reservations: 
               Participants must call the Fitness Center at 202-482-0437 to reserve a spot no more than 20 minutes in advance of the class start time. 

               Cycle Bikes will become available to members who arrive at class time if there any no-shows.  

The fitness center offers a towel service that is included as part of the membership fee. Each user may utilize one towel per visit. Towels are to be used for showering, not for cleaning exercise equipment or shoes.  Please put dirty towels in the hamper after use.

Soap is provided in shower stalls.  Users are responsible for supplying any other toiletries they need, such as shampoo.  

All members must observe proper personal hygiene by showering regularly (recommended after each workout), wearing clean clothing, and using deodorant/antiperspirant. We ask that members refrain from using strong fragrances in the Fitness Center or locker rooms.

Users are responsible for safeguarding all personal property (e.g., cellphones, jewelry, wallets, and purses) that is brought to the Fitness Center.  Any valuables brought to the Fitness Center should be placed in a locker that is secured with a lock. No clothing or personal property may be left in the Fitness Center or locker room unless it is kept in the user’s locker.

Any clothing or other personal property left behind in the locker room or elsewhere in the Fitness Center will be placed in the lost and found and removed for disposal by recycling or donation, as appropriate, at the end of each month if not claimed.

No food or beverages, other than water or sports drinks, shall be consumed inside the Fitness Center. No glass bottles are allowed inside the Fitness Center.  

Users must at all times show respect for others present on the premises in their conduct, language, clothing, and cleanliness. Disrupting or interfering with the workout of another member is not allowed.  Profanity is not allowed.  Always be aware of your surroundings, including others around you.

Federal law prohibits sexual harassment.  The U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission defines “sexual harassment” as involving unwelcome sexual advances, requests for sexual favors, and other verbal or physical harassment of a sexual nature.  Harassment does not have to be of a sexual nature, however, and can include offensive remarks about a person’s gender, lifestyle, or other inappropriate remarks.  Fitness Center users who believe they have witnessed any harassment prohibited by Federal law are encouraged to report the incident as set forth in Department of Commerce Administrative Order (DAO) 202-955 (March 28, 2000) titled Allegations of Harassment Prohibited by Federal Law,”  Fitness Center Staff who witness harassment prohibited by Federal law must report the incident to a COHO Board member as soon as possible after witnessing the incident.  The COHO Board member who receives this information will inform other members of the board, which will decide how to proceed with the information.

It is the responsibility of all members who cancel their membership to file the proper cancellation paperwork, which is available from the COHO Fitness Team.  Members will be responsible for monitoring their earning statements to verify that the allotment to the Fitness Center has been canceled. Cancellation paperwork takes approximately two pay periods to be processed. Any deduction occurring beyond that time in the three months following cancellation will be refunded by COHO if brought to the attention of Fitness Center staff within three months of cancellation.

Members should bring any concerns with policies and procedures or other issues to the Fitness Center Team or one of the COHO Board of Directors.

 Members are required to comply with the rules and regulations of the COHO Fitness Center. Please respect the Fitness Center Team that provides guidance and supervision of the center and the activities that take place there. If a member violates any of these policies and procedures, the Fitness Center Director or the COHO Board of Directors may elect to revoke or suspend the membership after giving proper notice of the violation(s) to the member and affording the member an opportunity to respond.  Decisions by the Fitness Center Director or the COHO Board of Directors to revoke or suspend membership are final.

These rules regulations are subject to change at any time. The current regulations will be posted in the Fitness Center and on the Fitness Center website.

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