To read the COHO Fitness Center Code of Conduct click here.

Equipment Malfunction

Members should understand and acknowledge that equipment may occasionally be out of order. When parts must be ordered, some units may be unavailable for several weeks. Please understand any equipment in need of maintenance may be removed from the floor to be repaired as quickly as possible.


It is the responsibility of all members who cancel their membership to file the proper cancellation paperwork. Members will be responsible for monitoring their earning statements to verify that the allotment to the Fitness Center has been canceled. The paperwork will take approximately two pay periods to be processed. Any further deduction over this amount up to three months will be refunded by COHO.


Members are required to comply with the policies and procedures of the COHO Fitness Center. Please respect the Fitness Center Team that provides guidance and supervision of the center. If a member violates any of these policies and procedures the Fitness Center Director may elect to suspend/terminate the membership after giving proper notice of such violations to Corporate Fitness Works.

Group Exercise

Class schedules are established according to member demand. Class capacity is limited and it is established on a first come first serve basis. Scheduled classes have priority use of the group exercise floor. Prior approval must be obtained from the fitness center staff to conduct independent exercise sessions involving five participants or more. The Fitness Center Team reserves the right to change the exercise schedule at any time. Limit will be based on the type of class being offered upon the fitness center staff’s discretion. If a member is not present in the group exercise room within 10 minutes of the start of the class, the class will be canceled for that day.

Group Exercise Class Policies:

To ensure the safety and enjoyment of all COHO class participants, the following policies will be in effect for the Commerce Occupational Health Organization Fitness Center (COHO):

1. Please do not enter the aerobics room until the preceding class is finished.

2. Please follow all safety instructions provided by the instructor, including technique regarding the use of equipment.

3. Please do not talk during class.

4. If you chose not to follow the routine of the instructor, please move to the back of the room so as not to distract the instructor and those participants who are following.

5. All classes will be 45 minutes in length, unless otherwise noted, allowing time to return all equipment to its properly designated place and allowing the next class to start on time.

6. Please bring all concerns directly to the attention of the instructor or the Center Director.

Policies For Classes Requiring Reservations (Indoor Cycling):

1. Indoor Cycle classes accommodate the following number of participants: 11

2. Participants may call to reserve a spot no more than 20 minutes in advance.

3. Cycle Bikes will become available to stand-by members if there any "no-show" members.

4. Participants are responsible for wiping down their equipment after class.


The fitness center offers a towel service that is inclusive of the membership fees. Each member may utilize one towel per visit. Towels are to be used for showering, not for cleaning exercise equipment.


Soap is provided in shower stalls but members are responsible for providing their own extra toiletries. These items will be placed in the lost and found and removed at the end of each week if not claimed.

Fitness Assessments

Every member is recommended to have a fitness assessment and consultation conducted by a member of the Fitness Center Team prior to utilization of the Fitness Center. The purpose of the assessment is to determine a baseline fitness level for each participant prior to participation in the Fitness Center and to provide an exercise prescription tailored to individual’s needs. All members who are 55 years or older or have pre-existing medical concerns must obtain physician’s clearance to participate in the functional bicycle Ergometer test. Each member will have the option to be reassessed every six months.

Medical Clearance

Members are required to complete a health history questionnaire. If a member has factors that indicate they are at a moderate or high risk for coronary heart disease, the staff will suggest that they see a physician for a complete physical evaluation. Physical examinations are required to all individuals who are elderly, pregnant, sedentary, have physical limitations, or a history of medical conditions that could interfere with physical activity.

Proper Attire

While using the fitness center individuals may wear shorts, tank tops, warm-up suits, tights, or leotards. Shirts are required and closed-toed athletic shoes must be worn at all times. The COHO Fitness Center Team reserves the right to deny admission to anyone wearing attire with suggestive wording or logos.


Department of Commerce employees, Federal employees, and contractors are eligible for membership..


All members are required to sign in to assist the Fitness Center team in accurately determining utilization.

General Provision of Membership

Proper Fitness Center conduct is important for safety and fairness for all members. Each member is asked to comply with these rules to ensure the Fitness Center is a safe, pleasant workout environment. The COHO Fitness Center Team is committed to providing efficient fitness center operations. In turn, we ask that all members recognize and comply with the following rules and regulations. In order to maintain efficient operation of the Fitness Center, the management company shall have the right to amend, delete or add to these policies and procedures as necessary. The COHO Fitness Center Team will enforce these rules.