COHO Locker Renewals
Don't forget to renew your locker rental for 2018 as soon as possible. All Lockers without a renewal will be cleaned and emptied on Friday, April 27th.

Small Lockers =  $36/year*
Large Lockers = $60/year*
*Good through March 2019

 Please contact a COHO Staff Member if you have any questions. 

COHO Fitness Center Presents:
 Spring Into Fitness
Stair Challenge

Ready to jump start your fitness program this spring? Come visit the COHO Fitness Center and we'll help you get there! We challenge you to climb the stairs every day in April. There will be weekly fitness goals and the opportunity for non-members to participate in a FREE group exercise class. This challenge is open to all employees and contractors of the Department of Commerce. Grab a co-worker and climb your way closer to your fitness goals!

Monday, April 2nd
  Friday, April 27

*Join the COHO Staff every Thursday in April at 1:00 PM on the 6th floor, 8th corridor near elevator 34 for a lap around the HCHB. There will be trivia and prizes for all participants! 

Pay the Day in April

Sign up at the COHO Fitness Center between April 1 and 30 and your initiation fee will be adjusted to cost the amount of the day you join! Tell all of your co-workers the sooner they join the more they save!




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