Massage Therapist

Sore muscles? Tense? Want to get away from stress at work? We have an on-site, certified, massage therapist ready to help you relax, and he offers a special deal for DOC employees! Contact Antoine at to set up your appointment.

Additional Services


Locker Rentals

Large Locker.........$60/year

Small Locker.........$36/year

~Lockers are available for use during each exercise session. Individuals are responsible for providing a lock to secure personal belongings. Corporate Fitness Works, The Department of Commerce, The COHO Board of Directors and its affiliates are not responsible for items lost, stolen, or damaged while stored in lockers. Gym bags will not be allowed in the exercise rooms. Personal belongings and locks are not to be left in the day-use lockers. Items and locks left overnight will be removed. A number of lockers are available for rental on a yearly basis. All members who decide to rent a locker must sign a locker agreement. In the event that all of the lockers are rented, you can be put on a waiting list to obtain a locker when one becomes available. Small lockers are $36/year and large lockers are $60/year

Exercise Orientations &
Individualized Exercise Programs

I became a what? It is completely normal to feel overwhelmed by all of the machines in the Fitness let us help! Schedule an exercise orientation and we will provide you with the confidence to tackle any machine in a safe and effective manner. Take it a step further! Allow our degreed staff to design a training program based on your individual needs (exercise history, fitness level, goals, interests and medical history..etc). Schedule an appointment today!

Towel Service

Towels are provided free for members or those participating as guests of the Fitness Center. To ensure that each customer is provided with a towel, we ask that each customer only use one towel per visit to the Fitness Center. Please make sure to drop off your towel at the front desk prior to leaving the facility.


Members are responsible for providing their own toiletries. These items will be removed if left in the locker room over night.

Personal Training

Do you want someone to coach you and motivate you through your exercise sessions each week? Schedule time with a personal trainer! These sessions are an extra fee, but you will get the individualized attention and guidance needed to push you towards your fitness goals.

Group Exercise Classes

We are proud to offer a wide-range of classes tailored to meet your unique needs. All group exercise classes are included with membership. Go to the 'This Month!' tab to see the current group exercise schedule.

Fitness Assessments

Every member is recommended to have a fitness assessment and consultation conducted by a member of the Fitness Center Team prior to utilization of the Fitness Center. The purpose of the assessment is to determine a baseline fitness level for each participant prior to participation in the Fitness Center and to provide an exercise prescription tailored to individual’s needs. All members who are 55 years or older or have pre-existing medical concerns must obtain physician’s clearance to participate in physical activity. Each member has the option to be reassessed every six months.



  • Check out prices for Personal Training here
COHO Price List



Initiation Fee                                                       $35


Payroll Deduction                                               $15.50 per pay period


Monthly Membership                                          $37

Semi-Annually                                                    $218

Annually                                                             $435


One Time Membership Fee                               $85


One Day Pass                                                   $7

Group Exercise Pass                                        $5